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If you’re looking for the best liposuction in Washington DC, you’ve come to the right place. We provide a range of professional, safe liposuction procedures to cater for the requirements of a wide range of patients. Our procedures are safe and give you the results you’re looking for.

Reasons to Use Our Services

There are many reasons why people contact us about our liposuction procedures. Some people feel unattractive and want to lose fat in certain areas of their bodies. Other patients feel that excess fat in certain areas is uncomfortable and want a more natural body shape.

In many of these instances, individuals feel desperate to change the shape of their body and remove fat at whatever cost. However, before we can carry out this surgery, we have to evaluate each patient and consider a range of factors before surgery can take place.

Patient Evaluation

Before you have any liposuction procedure, it’s vital that you understand how the process works. First, we have to find out if you are suitable for this type of procedure. One of our surgeons or liposuction professionals will evaluate you and make sure it’s safe to have this type of surgery.

Your safety is our main priority. This is why we carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your health and well-being. You may have health issues that will prevent you from getting any kind of liposuction treatment. The evaluation that takes place determines who is suitable for liposuction and who is not.

Other factors also have to be taken into account. The gender and age of a patient are important factors. Women and men’s bodies are different, which means a surgeon often has to deal with each in a different way. The age of a patient should not matter, but it’s important to understand any history of illness or other health problems older patients have suffered from in the past.

The amount of fat patients would like removed is often unrealistic and can even be dangerous. We provide advice about how much fat you should remove, so that there are no negative side-effects after one of our procedures.

Types of Liposuction Procedures

Certain areas of the body contain a lot of superficial fat that lies just below the skin. This is the type of fat that can be removed through liposuction. The most common procedures we carry out for our patients include the following:

  • Abdomen Liposuction
  • Arms Liposuction
  • Breast Liposuction for men and women
  • Buttocks Liposuction
  • Inner Thigh Liposuction
  • Outer Thigh Liposuction


All of these liposuction procedures are safe. The negative after-effects are minimal too, because the technology and methods we use involve smaller and less obvious incisions. This means you have no noticeable scars or marks on your body after surgery.

After Surgery

Once the surgery is complete, most patients feel very little pain and are able to get on with their lives shortly after their procedure. In many cases, simple dressings are required for a few days and you can quickly start to enjoy your new body shape, without the excess fat.

Find Out More

Removing excess fat in certain parts of your body can transform your life. To find out more about the best liposuction in Washington DC, Contact Us Today at (202) 827-6435

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